Specification Comparison Guide

PSA v BSEN Specification Guide

PSA Spec Grade
Static loadings
Concentrated loads (Min) Uniformly distributed load (Min)
Typical uses Comparable (not equivalent) BS EN 12825 classification

Extra Heavy Grade

4.5 kN over 25 mm square 12.0 kN/m² Main frame computer rooms with heavy equipment; Other special applications No comparable classification

Heavy Grade

4.5 kN over 25 mm square 12.0 kN/m² Computer rooms; Telephone exchanges; Public areas; Control rooms Class 6/3/A/2
Medium Grade 4.5 kN over 300 mm square
3.0 kN over 25 mm square*
*8.0 kN/m² General office use with heavy equipment; Educational accommodation; Public areas

Class 5/3/A/2

Light Grade 2.7 kN over 300 mm square;
1.5 kN over 25 mm square
6.7 kN/m² General office use; no heavy equipment

Class 3/3/A/2 (minimum)

No comparable grade     Small offices with low occupancy levels; limited use of filing cabinets, etc.

Class 1/3/A/2 or Class 2/3/A/2 (minimum)

† this grade must also sustain a total load of 11 kN applied equally on four points, each point 25 mm square on a 200 mm x 200 mm square configuration at any point on
the system.

* British Council for Offices Guide to Specification 2014

Consideration should be taken regarding use of the raised floor as a working platform during construction, pedestrian traffic in escape routes, main thoroughfares etc. & how furniture / filing cabinets and other heavy equipment etc. will be taken into the building (across the floor) especially if the lower classification is being considered.

Classification by grade is based upon a complete Kingspan system i.e. panels & under structure.

Performance verification for PSA MUST be by an “approved independent laboratory”.

Full technical support and advice can be obtained from Kingspan’s Technical Department on 01482 781701

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