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Key benefits

The most flexible, cost effective method of providing underfloor services in commercial buildings, data centres and offices across the globe.

Kingspan Access Floors provide key benefits not seen in other methods of delivering HVAC, communication and power cabling throughout commercial buildings.
  1. Lower build and running costs
  2. Easy access
  3. Total flexibility
Our product ranges

Our varied product range is designed to meet the needs of a variety of buildings and uses, each system is designed and manufactured to the pre-eminent raised flooring specifications i.e. PSA PF2 PS; BS EN 12825.

Floor voids are available with standard product from 20mm up to 2000mm and we can also design bespoke systems for any height and any loading requirement. 600mm x 900mm panels are also available in order to minimise perimeter cutting.

1. Low build and running costs
Raised access flooring will enable property investors and developers to significantly reduce capital costs, and they will be able to more easily adapt to technology changes and occupier needs.
  • Reduces initial build costs by approximately £8 per sq m in a typical 15/20 storey building
  • Reduces the build programme by three weeks due to the replacement of floor screeds
  • Raised flooring enables office space to be rapidly configured, which can achieve 75% lower office churn costs
  • Incorporating an underfloor plenum can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%, as well as reducing noise from fans and air movement
  • Raised flooring enables suspended ceiling plenums to be reduced in depth or eliminated altogether. The reduced slab to slab height could save the equivalent of one free storey for every 12, with external fa├žade costs reduced by approximately 10%.
2. Easy access
The quick and easy access that raised flooring provides to underfloor services means:
  • Lower costs for office refurbishment and services upgrades
  • Far less disruption when this work is carried out
  • On-site electrical/data/telecom installation time is reduced
  • Accommodating a HVAC system in the floor void provides easy access, resulting in cost savings for developers and owners and better working conditions for staff through improved air quality and more sophisticated temperature control.
3. Totally Flexible
Occupiers and tenants will have much wider flexibility to modify office layouts, providing significantly reduced costs.
  • Accommodating a HVAC system in the floor void better utilises office space.
  • Wire and cable ceiling-to-furniture pole systems are eliminated; providing greater flexibility and further improving the office environment.
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International register of interest

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