Parque Empresarial Tripark - Undertaken by Kingspan Suelo


ALLENDE ARQUITECTOS                       

Hines has developed Tripark Las Rozas, a three-building, 32,689-square-meter (351,873-square-foot), Class A office complex located within the Las Rozas Business Park in the northwest of Madrid.  The 10,900-square-meter (117,338-square-foot) buildings are situated at a highly visible intersection of the A-6 motorway and the M-50 ring road.  Each building features an average of 2,450-square-meter (26,362-square-feet) standard shaped floor plates and is designed to accommodate an independent occupier as well as several tenants.  Additionally, the complex will provide a 968-space parking garage on two underground levels and 162 spaces at ground level.  The project was designed by the renowned Spanish architects, Allende Arquitectos.  It was funded by the Hines European Development Fund and project financing was provided by Westdeutsche Immobilien Bank. LEED Gold 2010.
The project consists of a building with an unitary image as a whole. It is fragmented in three blocks in order to adapt itself to the slope of the terrain. The three blocks are separated from each other by closed courtyards. They generate a layout of full and empty spaces, in alternate positions, boosting the presence of light inside the offices. Functionally, each of the blocks is shaped with two sections of offices attached by a center-core of vertical access. These cores are divided into three parts by courtyards placed in intermediate positions. The longest façade is designed by the premise of displaying a unitary building. Thus, there are some elements connecting the blocks in between the courtyards and closing them to the exterior. With the aim of watching the energy efficiency, each façade presents a different skinlike design, taking advantage of the northwest-southeast axis. The design is exhaustive in the search for materials to control solar reflectance keeping visual transparency, adopting constructive solutions with stressed fabric. The design of the enclosure, as well as the indoor air quality and the choice of HVAC systems, have led the building to be selected as one of the few to be assessed by the VERDE tool, measuring its environmental performance.


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