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All Kingspan products undergo rigorous testing processes

Kingspan’s product testing and technical support facilities are key factors in our commitment to offer you the best possible products and service. It is thanks to our substantial and sustained investment in testing and technical support that we are able to offer you our unique Total System Warranty, which guarantees the performance of our encapsulated systems for an unprecedented 25 years.

While some manufacturers guarantee their products for specific isolated areas of performance, few can offer assurance across a whole spectrum of testing standards.

Kingspan floor panels and components are put through a series of rigorous tests in our in-house test facility – they can be subjected to extremes of temperature, lateral loads, rolling loads and, if necessary, loadings beyond those required by the standard specifications.

We are proud to say that our in-house testing facility is more technically advanced than most external testing facilities. We have invested heavily during recent years to ensure that our customers are able to use our in-house facility and witness testing for themselves.

Kingspan’s testing confirms that our products meet the requirements of the industry’s two main standards – PSA and BS EN 12825.

We are the only flooring company in the UK equipped to carry out BS EN testing in-house due to our investment in computer controlled automated test rigs.
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Kingspan Modern Slavery Act Statement

Kingspan Modern Slavery Act Statement

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